PROJECT857 directors Carly Barrett and Stephen Corns named the studio in honour of Carly’s late grandfather, a South Australian country cop with the police badge number 857.

We believe in the importance of stories, people and places forming the foundation of good design, and approach the design and delivery of projects in a collaborative manner, working closely with our clients, consultants, suppliers and contractors to achieve high quality outcomes.

We love design, and being involved in projects whether they be small, medium or large.   Our team makes the most the of unique opportunities presented by each design.  We also believe that design has environmental, social and cultural responsibilities, and work with our clients to deliver outcomes that reflect this whilst being commercially viable. 


Our goal is to provide high quality services to our clients that exceed expectations. 


PROJECT857 are proud members of MEET Brief

PROJECT857 are proud to support Western Australia's design industry through DesignWA and DesignSTATE

PROJECT857 are proud event partners of Open House Perth

PROJECT857 are kinda proud about lots of stuff

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